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This application Systema (systematic) is a scientific calculator with the following features.

Honestly ※, so still under development, offers a variety of improvements. To everyone as a review, and want such a feature, and I would appreciate better place. In that case, go to the improvements as quickly as possible, so we believe it is the application Ikere incorporate the needs of everyone abundance, a variety of Feedback, we look forward.

※ last update
Sequential computation and specification changes · bug fixes
· Bug Fix
· Mini game "Sudoku" Add (from app button)
Bug fixed computation
• Layout Fixed
· Added coloring for brackets
· Add ability to call a formula History
• Change the button size (we are going after with the ability to set a button size from the menu).

ON / OFF setting of parentheses · coloring
· Formula call history
Arithmetic · trigonometric functions, inverse trigonometric functions, logarithmic / exponential corresponds to the square root
Using Math Input • Up to five tabs
Ans button to invoke the values ​​calculated for each tab - Each
• Key pad, such as changing the color of input field equations
· Mini comes with the game (Sudoku only now)

[Environment] tested
Android OS 2.3.3 HTC Desire HD

Damage caused by use of the software, the author claims for lost profits or any third party is not responsible for it all, Please note.

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