Create and maintain your own set of configurable database tables (user defined).

TablePad is an implementation for Android that allows you, the user, to create and maintain your own database tables residing on your mobile device.

The data in these database tables (referred to as HIS tables) can be viewed and edited using a display very similar to a spreadsheet, where data rows or cells can be inserted, edited or deleted. All changes within an edit session are held in a batch which can be saved or discarded before exiting.

HIS tables can be backed up by exporting onto an external storage device for safe keeping. Exported files are basically text files containing rows of comma delimted values which describe the contents and configuration details. These can be loaded up and viewed by most text editor or spreadsheet programs. Naturally these exported (.csv) files can be imported back again to create new or update old HIS tables.

TablePad allows a maximum of 1,000 rows and 20 columns to be held in any one database table. There is no restriction to the number of HIS tables that can be held on the device, subject to space being available.

You can download the latest copy of the TablePad User Guide at

We hope you will enjoy creating and using your own user defined data tables on your mobile device.