Talk Add (4day)



Talk Add Teza's fifth application.

Cacao Talk, My People, Tick-tock

Cacao Story, Twitter, Facebook

Application is a function that reads the application.

Of the list next to the window of the cacao Tok, My People, Tick-tock

Ringtones for each user will specify.

Users with ringtones coming

Users coming in twice with different ring tones.

(Less than 1 megabyte of mobile phone full of mp3 files with the ability to locate

Put If a large number of files, or mobile phone ram is low hath

Loading may take some time)

After you install the application, select your language

Talk add-to-use settings window squashing can basic settings

Ends. Pressed on off feature, each image has been made.

Bit of data you need to, but do not require a lot of

Does Difficult to do so using bosimyeon

^ ^ Will be available

Need to hear the sound mode.

Vibration, silent mode does not sound

Cites earphones even when the sound mode

Need to hear the message.

※ katok, My People, Tick-tock, Facebook, Twitter, cacao Story
Underlying must

My people arrived in the Setup window, pop-ups must be disabled.

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