Talk Assistant (Beta)



Let your phone or tablet talk for you! This Android app tells your phone to speak a word or phrase you select from an interactive 3D interface.

You can customize the app to speak phrases that you write in advance. Load up to 400 messages that you would use in your daily life.


You select a message for your device to speak through an interactive 3D screen:

• Slide your finger across your touch screen to move the point of focus on the display. Tap on an area to move immediately there.

• Place a SECOND finger on the screen to adjust the magnification. Move this second finger up and down to change the degree of magnification, and move this finger left or right to change the area of magnification.

• Once the message you want your device to speak is highlighted in yellow text, tap on that message to select it. Turn up the volume and you can hear your phone say it!

• Press the Menu key on your phone or tablet to access the Settings page or Quit the program.


You can write up to 400 text messages in advance. These would typically be messages that you would commonly use in your everyday life.

From the Settings page, hit “Type in Custom Messages” and a text box will appear. Type in one message per line, where each message can be up to 100 characters in length.

You can also load in messages from a file.


To use a collection of custom messages from a file, first type the messages into a text file where each line of the file represents a message. Each message can be up to 100 characters long. Then save the file to your phone.

To activate your messages, enter the full path of the file in the Custom Messages box on the Settings screen. Here is an example of a file location:



This app requires Android 2.2 or higher, OpenGL-ES 2.0, and Android’s Text to Speech library installed.


This is a beta demonstration version that expires in 14 days.

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