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The new Talking Timer for Android. The only timer that talks!
Talking Timer is a Simple, Clean, Easy to use and accurate.

The only timer in the market that TALKS & gives you alert intervals!
Why wait until the timer if finished if you can get alerts every minute?

Ideal for:
* Cooks & Chefs
* Computer Monitoring
* Babysitters
* Daycare Providers
* School Teachers
* Professional Gamers
* RC Pilots
* Timing Medications
* Hospitals & Clinics
* Physical Therapists
* Office Workers
* Paintball Timers for hardcore paintball players
* Timing Exercise Routines
* Darkroom Photography
* Debate Teams
* Outdoor Barbecues

Imagine this -
You're cooking pasta. You need to mix it up every 5 minutes and the whole process takes 30 minutes.
Would you set a timer for 5 minutes every single time? NO!
Set the timer once to 30 minutes, set the interval for 5 minutes and VIOLA!

• Talking Timer
• Intervals for alert within timer's time
• Beautiful display
• Low resources to not influence the battery!
• Alert notifications

In addition, PLUS version gives you:
○ No ads!
○ a Lot less PERMISSIONS
○ Custom alert messages!
○ Custom alert intervals (1sec to 99hours)
○ Time up to 100 hours
○ Faster updates
○ Unique features coming to + version only

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We can't always follow reviews, and we want to give you the perfect experience.

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