Tap Lock Pro

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    Tap Lock allows an Android device to lock and unlock a PC using Bluetooth. Locking and unlocking can be accomplished using NFC tags, a widget, or other apps such as Tasker or NFC Task Launcher.

    Tap Lock requires the Tap Lock Server to be installed and running on a bluetooth enabled PC, such as a laptop. The Tap Lock Server is included with this app along with instructions to set it up.

    Locking and unlocking the PC is performed using authenticated requests sent over bluetooth, using a passphrase which can be set from the app.

    Currently, Gnome Desktop on Linux and Windows 7 64 bit are tested, though Vista and 32 bit variations should work as well.


    android.permission.BLUETOOTH - required to communicate with a device
    android.permission.BLUETOOTH_ADMIN - required to enable bluetooth
    android.permission.NFC - required for creating and reading NFC tags
    android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - required for copying the TapLockServer.jar file

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