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    Published: 2011-05-19, by .

    Task Killer or Cleanoid is a simple tool to kill processes, a lite version of ATK, that only includes its manual feature

    • Simple tool
    • Drains less battery and uses less resources than ATK
    • Too simple, ATK has the same and extra-features
    • ATK has outdated it
    • There's a default Android task killer that works properly

    "The lite version of Advanced Task Killer also known as Cleanoid"

    Task Killer will help you out to kill – manually – those applications that you don't need open. The main strength of Task Killer is its manual feature. You may select those apps that you want to kill just by ticking on the list of active apps and then press the button “Kill selected apps”. That easy.

    The only question that raises is if it's necessary to install this tool when there's one default task killer in all our Android devices. If you don't like the performance or the layout of the default task killer, this could be a solution though.

    Advanced Task Killer is developed by ReChild who are the developers of other Android task manager in the Market.

    If you are looking for complete task killer manager with a wide range of features to monitor your apps, you should go into Advanced Task Killer. If what you want is just a tool to kill processes manually, give this one a try. Of course it uses less resources and drains less battery than Advanced Task Killer.

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