Telemeter Total Station



This tool helps students and professionals from the Construction, architects, engineers and surveyors for the rapid collection of measures and automatic calculation of areas, volumes and vertical surfaces.

To measure distances, heights, horizontal and vertical angles. Can also measure the dimensions of any object.

Main functions:
+ Calculation of distances and measures using trigonometric and reference methods.
+ Fast calculation of areas of building elements (kitchen, living room, bathroom, ...) to obtain further its vertical surface, perimeter and volume.
+ Sum of the measurements obtained group by property.
+ Calculating heights and areas of openings in walls.
+ 2 methods to choose for measuring surfaces.
+ Context menu on measures to remove items or add or remove properties and holes, re-measure areas or heights.
+ Function Telemeter by reference, calculating altitude, distance, X and Y coordinates, angles and increases.
+ Manage Change Measurement Station
+ Data Export to Excel .csv format

+ Full Manual. It would be good idea to read it before saying wrong measurement :-)
+ In English and Spanish.
+ Change Imperial metric system and Metric.
+ In Grads or degrees.
+ Customizing Gnomons and references.
+ Calibration camera angle for different phones.

Includes complete instructions manual.
Note: It is necessary to calibrate the camera for reliable reference measures

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