TelePass is new way to enhance your password security; you'll bypass all key loggers and peaking colleagues

When you type your password TelePass will generate QR-Code for them, using TelePass extension on your browser or open website is TelePass enabled you can transfer your password form your phone to website using computer webcam.

extensions available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,Microsoft Internet Explorer


Q- What TelePass really does?
A- TelePass gives you a new way to secure your passwords by transferring passwords form your phone to website through webcam.

Q- How TelePass is good for my passwords security?
A- TelePass bypass any key logger or peaking colleagues maybe looking keyboard while typing passwords, you can privately type passwords on your phone and transfer it to website without using keyboard

Q- What should I have installed to use TelePass?
A- TelePass on your phone, TelePass extension on your browser or login to website that is TelePass enabled.

Q- I'm a web developer and I want to enable TelePass on my website?
A- For more information go to will find more information about TelePass integration.

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