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Terminal IDE is an expandable terminal app with a full Java, C, C++, HTML and Android SDK

  • No root required
  • Java, C, C++, HTML and Android SDK supported
  • Soft keyboard and external keyboard
  • An app for coders

"A mobile terminal for codemonkeys"

Terminal IDE is code editor that supports several languages: Java, C, C++, HTML and Android SDK. It comes with some auto-complete features and all the needed sources to code in those languages from your mobile device. It uses the command line with many powerful open-source apps: apkbuilder, ssh, sshd, busybox, midnight commander and many more.

It comes with a custom ASCII on-screen soft keyboard as well as an extensive generic external hard keyboard key mapper. It's a nice terminal emulator in which you can log in via telnet and ssh and user your home screen and keyboard combo. No root permissions needed.

Code-monkeys now can still coding on-the-go.

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Mar 06, 2013

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