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The Electricians Tool Pouch 2011 - Tables

*Wire Ampacity - calculates ampacities of not more than three current-carrying insulated conductors up to 2000 volts in a raceway, cable, or directly buried with corrections for more than three current-carrying conductors and ambient temperature.
*Box Fill - calculates number of conductors in outlet boxes.
*Conduit Fill - determines conduit and tubing fill for same size conductors in EMT, ENT, FMC, IMC, LFNC-B, LFNC-A, LFMC, RMC, Sch. 80 PVC, Sch. 40 PVC, HDPE, Type A PVC, and Type EB PVC.
*Grounding - determines alternating current grounding electrode conductor size, and minimum size equipment grounding conductors for grounding raceway and equipment
*Motor Full Load Current - determines three phase, single phase, two phase, and DC motor full load currents.
*Transformer Overcurrent Protection Devices - calculates maximum overcurrent protection for transformers up to 600 volts.

Based on the 2011 National Electrical Code

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