The Heating Calculator



Calculates the required radiator output for each room and produces a kilowatt total for the property in order to accurately size a boiler.

- Store multiple projects

- Email project details and results

- Simple drop-down lists for room types, floors, ceilings, walls, etc.

- Display radiator output in kilowatts or BTUs

- Completely self-contained, with no internet access required

- Calculations based on current industry standards

- Suitable for use by both professional heating engineers and DIY enthusiasts.

Simply enter the details for the property: room types, dimensions, window sizes and glazing, wall, floor and ceiling building materials.

The details and results for a property can be emailed by selecting a menu option on the property editing screen.

Radiator output can be displayed in kilowatts or BTUs by selecting the relevant preferences menu option on the main screen.

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