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    The Pet Pal is the best pet application for capturing and sharing vital information of your pets!

    The intuitive user interface of application makes it easy to track profile details, favorites, and allergies of a pet. The Pet Palincludes multimedia capabilities allowing you to capture best moments of your pet. With event tracking capabilities, application makes it easy for you to remember all important calendar events for your pet including vet appointments, walking schedules, feeding schedule, medicine schedule, play events etc.

    The Pet Pal application includes search capabilities that allow searching for local vet clinics, pet stores, amongst different pet specific categories.Application allows capturing important contact details of vet doctors, insurance carrier, pet sitters, and pet shelters.

    Need to share pet details with a friend or a care taker? The Pet Pal allows you to share pet’s profile details via email.

    Key capabilities of The Pet Pal application:

    1. Intuitive and user friendly interfaces

    2. Pet profile management to store pet’s basic information like name, microchip ID, weight, specie, breed, birth date, description etc.

    3. Store your pet’s buddies, favorite places, food, and activities that your pet enjoy the most

    4. Record critical allergy details

    5. Capture best moments in your pet’s life with easy to use photo and video capability

    6. Schedule important calendar events and get alerted in time

    7. Geo location enabled search capability

    8. Pet listing to easily view and manage multiple pets

    9. Record and manage contact details

    10. Share important pet details with a friend or care taker with inbuilt email capability

    The Pet Pal application has been developed by a leading mobile development company. Visit us at Email your feedback for this application to

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