Thoravukk Control



This is a app to control thoravukk kernel for gt-i9100.
discussion thread on xda :
Here you can always download the current kernel version :
Here you can always download the current kernel version for JB :
App features:
Reboot into recovery/download option
CPU overclock / underclock
CPU overvolting / undervolting
CPU history
Changing of CPU governor
Changing of I/O Scheduler
GPU overclock / underclock
GPU overvolting / undervolting
Charging current control
Vibration level adjustable
Reset fuel gauge chip
NTFS mount support
Gamma adjustable
LED timeout adjustable
Red/Blue Color adjustable
Touch Screen Sensitivity adjustable
BLN on/off
BLN led fadeout effect
BLN blinking effect
BLN breathing effect
BLN blinking intervall adjustable
Full lulzactive settings adjustable
Set as boot option

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