Tide Now OR 2012




    This Android application calculates and presents the tide
    for a given day, time, and location.

    It does not require internet service, because it operates
    with built-in formulas and data.

    It first shows the location for which the tide is being
    calculated. It displays the day of the week and the date and time zone for which the tides shown below are calculated.

    Next it displays the present tidal status. This is a
    snapshot in time, including the present height of the tide,
    the direction is it flowing, and how fast the tide
    level is changing. These items are presented along with the time for which they were calculated.

    It then displays the times and times of the tidal extremes, the high tides and low tides. There are usually three or four highs and lows in a day.

    Finally it displays a plot of the tide heights for the day.
    The green dots are the hourly heights. The white cursor-
    line marks the present time. The red dots show the high and
    low tides. A quick glance shows you what you need to know.
    This graph is presented on a fixed 2 foot and 2 hour grid.
    You can change the text size to trade off display space
    between the graph and the tables above it.

    Tide Now supports three touch-screen gestures. The display
    can be changed to the next day or the previous day by swiping left or right. The display can be refreshed by using a long press. This causes an updated display to be presented.

    Tide Now has no advertising and does not access phone
    features except the touch screen.

    Tide Now OR supports the following tide stations in the state of Oregon:

    Region: Columbia River. Stations: Hammond, Warrenton, Astoria Port Docks, Astoria Tongue Point, Settlers Point, Knappa, Wauna, Saint Helens, Rocky Point, Portland.

    Region: North Coast. Stations: Seaside, Nehalem, Brighton, Barview, Garibaldi, Bay City, Netarts, Nestucca Bay, Taft, Depoe Bay.

    Region: Mid Coast. Stations: Yaquina Bar, Newport, South Beach, Yaquina, Winant, Port of Toledo, Waldport, Drift Creek, Suislaw Entrance, Florence.

    Region: South Coast. Stations: Umpqua Entrance, Gardiner, Reedsport, Charleston, Empire, Coos Bay, Bandon, Port Orford, Wedderburn Rogue River, Bookings.