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Calculations in hours and minutes become faster and without errors: add, subtract, multiply or divide hours and minutes is remarkably simple.
In everyday life, we speak in minutes.
But to facilitate the calculations, official documents often do not use the "minutes" but "decimal of an hour."
60 minutes = 1 hour = 100 hundredths.

Now you can make any opération in hrs:mins or hrs.decimal. You can at any time convert hrs:mins to hrs.decimal or vice versa.

Examples :

1h25 + 22h45 = 24h10
1h25 - 2h45 = -1h20
1h25 * 2h45 = 3h54
5h * 8 = 40h
1h25 / 2h45 = 0h31
35h - 10% = 31h30

Convert hrs:mins to hrs.decimal or vice versa
1h25 -> 1.41666666
1.88 -> 1h53

Mix convert and opération
1.88 -> 1h53 + 2h12 = 4h05 -> 4.083333333
2h12 -> 2.2 / 5 = 0.44 -> 0h26

Of course, it is possible to view the history of transactions at any time.
This calculator will save you valuable time.

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