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Tincore Keymapper

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Control your touch or non touch games or applications with most keyboard, joysticks, gamepad or your phone or tablet buttons.

Use many different wireless BT controllers to play your games.Support BT and USB connected including Moga, Nyko, Wiimotes, Wamo, IPega and others.

Simulate a playstation controller on games that have PS3 controller support.

Very low latency. The application can be tuned so, on most situations, ther is no lag. Very high app compatibility.

Remap the functions of any key, button, mouse...

Simulation of Sixaxis gamepad, Xbox and others.

Use you touchscreen as virtual buttons and pad. They can be converted to mouse, analog sticks, screen touches on different positions... * Root required *

Map to remote device. Use keyboard, mouse, joysticks, wiimotes connected from one android device in another android device using WIFI or any other network connection.

Map to remote Linux/Windows/Mac. Use Android to send mouse or key commands to your PC. Instructions on the WIKI at http://tincore.wiki-site.com/index.php/Usage#Server_.28Pc.2FMac.29

Virtual touch/mouse hybrid (virtual pointer). Specially useful with TV sticks to navigate menus of games/apps without mouse support. * Root required *

Convert your keyboard or joystick to a mouse. Convert mouse to stick or touch device...

Use accelerometer as air mouse or driving wheel.

Use webcam or phone camera to control a virtual joystick or mouse.

Supports several connected gamepad/keyboards at a time.

More than 20 different kinds of operation modes per button or stick.

Create profiles for your games/apps. The profiles can be automatically applied when the games load. Share profiles universally. Contact me for issues/defails.

Simple, intutitive and well Holo integrated UI.

An IME that can be controlled with gamepads is included. In your device is rooted you dont need to use it

You can combine the application with other IME.


WIKI at http://tincore.wiki-site.com/index.php/Main_Page

This app works much better if you have a kernel with uinput module. Without uinput it is convenient to have the provided IME running. The game compatibility is lower as well.

This application does NOT REQUIRE ROOT. Nevertheless many of the most interesting functions need root. This is essential for touch screen, joystick or mouse simulation and can not be attained in another way..

Could you help with translations? Please contact me!

Wiimotes do not work on Android 4.2 due to OS incompatibilities.

screen, touch, mapping, gamepad, joystick, hdmi stick, bt, usb, wiimote, ipega. wamo, moga, ouya, shield, game, ime

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Recently changed in this version

Connect to devices on other networks option
Edit ignored devices list
Set autofire base frequency option
Much I5 new firmware support
Fixed regresion on some touch screenst
UI improvements
On start blank background egression fix

Comments and ratings for Tincore Keymapper
  • (42 stars)

    by Louis Aurig on 27/10/2014

    I have seen your posts in some forums, and I tried to follow the wiki, but I just don't understand the setup. I am getting very frustrated with the ipega controller. Is there a way I can reach you, or a maybe a simplified guide to using your app? Thank you.

  • (42 stars)

    by Muhammed Naseef K on 26/10/2014

    Great app... Thank you

  • (42 stars)

    by Voja Jovic on 25/10/2014

    I just spent entire day and half the night trying to figure this one out , using 3 devices, and finally made it. Man you have a knack for overcomplicating things. This is the best app for this kind a thing I'm sure, but you have to make a simplistic version or something. There are 10000 options and possibilities when 99% of us are interested in lets be honest, ONE... I have to give you 5* for the

  • (42 stars)

    by Isaac Mendez on 23/10/2014

    Rapid fire for ps3 controller please

  • (42 stars)

    by Adley Breeveld on 22/10/2014

    Play games that don't support controller input with a physical controller. If you want to play NBA Jam or fly your AR Drone using whatever controller......... This app has got you covered. It does take sometime to get used to how it works but that should not be a problem if you know how to read the wiki guide.

  • (42 stars)

    by William Turnip on 22/10/2014

    After learning how to use this with ipega 9021, i was happy asphalt 8 recognize my controller as moga pro. My only complain is n64droid seems cant detect both analog stick properly neither thomas was alone.

  • (42 stars)

    by Mark Petersen on 18/10/2014

    Great app that mostly works! I only have a couple of complaints: 1. Often(not lately) claims the right stick is jammed, so I can't map or recalibrate. 2. Movement on the left stick is reset as soon as I either press a button or move the right stick, making a few games either practically unplayable or annoying to play. It may be my device though, I'm using a Samsung Gamepad. Once again, great app w