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    Countdown timer with support for multiple concurrent timers. Perfect for cooking, baking, making tea, boiling eggs, exercising, etc...

    Main features:
    * material design
    * unlimited number of concurrent timers
    * timers wake up the device from sleep
    * optional timer name (named timer will be always visible in the custom timer tab)
    * custom alarm sound
    * can be audible in phone's silent mode (but not during "silent hours")
    * intuitive touch and swipe interface
    * custom alarm duration
    * custom tabs order
    * custom starting page
    * editable list of custom and quick timers
    * optimized layouts for all tablet sizes
    * app's orientation can be locked to portrait or landscape mode or can automatically rotate (default)

    Give your timer a name and it will be permanently saved in the custom timers list.

    Phone UI: Swipe left or right to access the running timers (where you can cancel them) or a list of custom timers (where you can start and delete them).

    Timer will wake-up the phone from sleep when a timer is up. By default, the alarm will be audible in silent mode, but can be set to obey the phone's settings. The alarm can also vibrate. There are other options, just check the preferences (keep screen on, custom sound, alarm length).

    Alarm is not audible during device's quiet hours.

    This app is ad supported, but there are no ads in the landscape mode on phones (tablets have ads also in landscape mode).

    German: Thomas Zimmer
    Russian: Ilya Kuznetsov

    This app was made for us, to be the best simple timer app, and released to the public. Enjoy!

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