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    Android Terminal Emulator, BusyBox, Frotz, Perl and SSH via Dropbear (dropbear just added, so need to do more testing with it) without rooting your device.

    Tiny Utils combines tiny versions of many common and useful GNU/UNIX utilities and terminal into a single small Android application. It provides replacements for most of the utilities you usually find in GNU fileutils, shellutils, and more.

    Tiny Utils installs BusyBox, microperl (a small perl interpreter), patchelf, frotz (so you can play Z code interactive fiction games) and dropbear an SSH client and server. Tiny Utils also includes the Android Terminal Emulator within it, so you have a nice, proven work environment where you can use all this capability.

    Tiny Utils is not all business though as it now has frotz which allows you to play z-code games. See the screen shots of examples of downloading and playing a couple of popular games (Zork and Spider and Web). Given how nice the Android Terminal Emulator is, I think this might be the best environment for playing z code games.

    All combined, this give you many of the commands you are used to having while working at a GNU/Linux Terminal.

    Find the full list of BusyBox commands here:

    Also, Tiny Utils does not require you to have a rooted device to install it. Being such, it does not modify your Android system at all and can be uninstalled in a normal fashion. While some commands, like chroot, or su, require you to have root permissions, the most commonly used commands do not.

    Known limitations:
    Some commands, require rooting your device to work properly.
    Some commands will not work as expected because Android is not GNU/Linux (tell me what you need/want if it is not working, so I can prioritize).
    All that said, your device will get a LOT more useful and powerful with this installed.

    Source code is posted and I will be posting many examples (over time) of awesome ways you can use this here:

    Please provide feedback. Rate it and tell others if you think it is good. If you run into any problems please file an issue here so I can get any details I need and so you can track progress on the issue.

    Also, if you have any suggestions/contributions that you think will improve this further, don't be shy. While I am charging for this, I am doing so minimally to make sure this continues to be supported and improved going forward and I am pretty sure this will be worth more to you than what is being charged.

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