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Planning for a 'Dutch Date' lately ?
Have a dinner with friends in the weekend ?
Looking for an easy,sophisticated yet quick way to split the bills ?
Do you feel that other Tip Splitter apps in Market are sticky,complex,in-adequate,in-accurate, hard-to-navigate,irritating or full of Ads ?
'Tip Snip' is the right app for your gadget !
'Tip Snip' is by far the Simplest,Lightest,Fastest,most Effective and reliable Tip Calculators in the Market !

Product Features
* Absolutely no Ads !
* Simple, Light, Fast, User-friendly and Easy to install and use.
* Options to Calculate,Split and Round-Off Bill Totals and Tips.
* Designed for quick multi-purpose use.
* Non-flashy and cool to the eye.

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