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The most comprehensive tire (tyre) comparison tool and size calculator on the store. Suitable for Cars, SUVs, 4x4s, Buses, Trucks, ATVs and Bikes.

Only calculator that will let you compare metric tire (tyre) sizes with Imperial (US) tire sizes, automatically converts mm into inches.

Includes three modes
-Comparison between two tire (tyre) sizes, either can be metric or imperial.
-Convert Metric to Imperial or Imperial to Metric
-Suggest a list of tire (tire) sizes that match your original car tire size.

Compares tire (tyre) circumference (rolling distance), Height, Sidewall Height/profile, Ride Height Gain, Thread Width, Rim Diameter, Suitable Rim Width, Revolutions per Km, Speed Comparison at 100kmph and 60mph and displays the result in mm, inches, and percentages.

To maintain accurate reading of speedometer and proper function of vehicle, one must always use tyres (tires) that have overall circumference within 3% that of factory fitted tyres (tires). If you are currently in the market for new tyres (tires), this is a must have calculator. It is very important to know what tyre (tire) size, or range of tyre (tire) sizes are suitable for your vehicle. Always follow your car manufacturer recommendations.

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