TiZo Pro(world time clock)



"Tell me the local time in Sheffield!! Is it daylight saving time in now?"
OK! Please set in "London", the time zone of TiZo Pro.

TiZo Pro is simple and beautiful world clock.
It have two face dial, and show you time of two time zone.
It is only that much, but it is quite useful when you want to watch big events overseas on TV.

You can choose time zone from about 130 cities.
The time zone of clock1(above), it can change quickly by Drawer Menu.
And clock2(below) is set by the Time zone list in Menu.

Day/night indicator option represents the approximate time by symbol of sun and moon. This is not moon phase.
Sound option plays tick-tack noise like mechanical clock.

TiZo Pro have subscreen for schedule, and it can write an appointment to built-in calendar app.(It is necessary to set the calendar-app for that.)
This screen is very similar to the main screen, but the dial can be dragged.
To change the time, please trace the finger twirling the dial.
You can move the minute hand of a clock.
To change the date, tap the date(e.g."Sep. 29, 2013"), please. Date picker is appear.
If necessary, you can set a reminder to the time.

TiZo Pro is ad-free paid version. Basic function is same as TiZo(It have ad, but free!).
We recommend you to buy this app after you try a free version.

This app allows to call built-in calendar-app. What has been written may be synchronize,public and share based on the settings of calendar-app.
We recommend that you use from make sure to check the settings of calendar-app.
This app, which has been prepared to convert the time as accurately as possible.
That the system or changes in daylight saving time in each country, will be converted incorrectly may occur.
Please acknowledge it.

Tested devices
Galaxy Nexus(SC-04D) SAMSUNG [Android4.2.2]
Nexus7(2012) ASUS [Android4.4.4]
Nexus7(2013) ASUS [Android4.4.4]
This is not guarantee successful normal operation. Please note.

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