Toggle Brightness Setting FT



Toggle Brightness Setting App for Fujitsu / Toshiba mobile

Toggle Brightness Setting Application

Change of a brightness one click very smooth & easy Brightness setting application .

Simple four-step sets the brightness of the screen and smooth touch.
Each time you launch the app, Brightness of the screen switch to 0% -> 33% -> 66% -> 100%, at 100% become 0%.

Simply setting this app to launch application shortcuts and one push.

I think Android is perfect for tired of changing the screen settings Ichiichi.

Tested: Fujitsu Toshiba mobile
DoCoMo Dizuny Mobile F-08D
DoCoMo Arrows Me F-11D
DoCoMo REGZA Phone T-01D

It fit the mobile Toshiba / Fujitsu parameters of the brightness of the screen. Please use the model of the outer ToggleBrightness.

Please see a [Web page] for details.


Tags: toshiba toggle brightness , 画面輝度 三段階 

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