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This app is designed to enable you to toggle your phone security from enabled to disabled and back again without having to go through the device settings menus. This is very useful if you do not like having to enter your security PIN, Pattern or Password when you are at home, but then want to easily enable security with a single click when you leave home so that your device is safe when you are out.

The app includes a setup screen and a re-sizable 1x1 toggle widget.

The widget can be used to quickly toggle the security setting between enabled and disabled. The widget shows green when security is enabled, and red when security is disabled.

Display notifications can be set on or off to show when security has been disabled. If notifications are set to on, a warning icon is displayed in the notification bar when security is disabled (note, not when security is enabled). The notification can then be selected to quickly re-enable security.

Note that when you re-start your device, even if you had previously disabled security, you will be required to enter your PIN, Pattern or Password. After you have keyed the code in the first time after re-start, the security will then be automatically disabled again if that was the setting before you switched your device off.

The Android security model has changed across different versions so this has been extensively tested on the following devices:
- a Galaxy Ace phone running Android version 2.3.6
- a Galaxy Tablet 10.1 running Android version 4.0.4
- a Google Nexus S running Android versions 2.3.7, 4.0.4, 4.3.1, 4.4.2
- a Galaxy S3 running CM10.1 and 10.2
The app seems to work well on all of these version.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In Android version 4.0.n, when device security is disabled, selecting a notification will display the lock screen. This is a known bug in this version of Android. Once you have re-entered your pattern, PIN or password, device security will be disabled again without having to toggle security settings manually.

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