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Talk to your phone! Toky understands human language and helps you with your device:

1) Toky can answer questions, change settings and launch applications.
2) You can use your voice or the keyboard to talk to Toky.
3) Toky will reply in full audio and/or via the console.
4) Toky is very tolerant for typo's or voice recognition errors.

Toky Trial is a trial version of the real Toky. The trial version limits the number of questions you can ask to 20. The full Toky does not have this restriction. You can of course reinstall the trial version and try for another 20 questions.

The available screenshots are an illustration of what Toky can do for you. Have a look at them!
Below an overview of the domains where Toky can help you:


Call a number
Call a contact
Open the call log
Info on the last incoming, outgoing or missed call
Info on the last incoming, outgoing or missed call from a specific contact


SMS a number
SMS a contact
Open the SMS conversations
Info on the last message that was sent, received, in draft, undelivered,...


Status internet connection
Enable/Disable Airplane mode
Enable/Disable/Status Wifi
Enable/Disable/Status Bluetooth


Enable/Disable silent mode
Enable/Disable vibrate mode
Enable/Disable Toky's speech


Open a map of the specified location


Launch internet searches on the specified search query


Status battery
Enable/Disable auto-rotate
Screen width/height/orientation
Date and time, weekday, year


Launch camera application
Launch calendar application


Toky can answer to numerous help questions concerning both the use of your device or Toky's capabilities


For the moment Toky is stateless which means he doesn't take into account what was said before.
Each request is evalutated in isolation. Stateful conversation will be added in the future.

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