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A selection of over twenty simple tools to keep on hand just in case

  • Over twenty just-in-case tools
  • All tools appear to work great
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight
  • A small tutorial would be useful

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"Where's my Phillips-head screwdriver?"


Everyone should have an app like Tool Box installed - it's chock full of useful little tools that you never know you need until you suddenly need them. What's that? You wanted a list of 'em? I am a river to my people: compass, leveler, length measuring tools, protractor, vibrometer (ooh la), magnetic field detector, altimeter, tracker (track everything from soup to nuts), heart rate monitor (which, shockingly, appears to work pretty decently for just putting your finger over the light), flash light, unit converter, magnifier, calculator, abacus (for those old-school types), counter, score board, roulette (for your friendly games of chance on the go), barcode reader, mirror, tuner, stopwatch, timer, and metronome. Whew!


All of the tools actually work! There's an ad in the free version, but it's minimal.


The design is pretty chintzy. It would be nice if tools like the vibrometer had an explanation as to how they function for we plebs.

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