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Toucher is an appwidget that provides quick access to main device settings

  • Useful
  • Themes
  • Launcher button always accessible
  • Low-customizable (regarding buttons on the menu)

"Controls at reach"

Toucher expands the concept of the iPhone AssistiveTouch with Touch, an adapted Android version of the well-known home addon. When it comes to save time, every idea is welcome, no matter where it was launched first. Toucher is a great idea that make us more efficient. Want to know more? Keep reading.

The idea is quite simple: a suspending point on your homescreen that displays a controls menu when touching it. Those controls are divided in four basic categories: "Lock" (lockscreen), "Favor" (quick access to your favorite apps), "Home" (back to the homescreen) and "Switch" (power controls menu: APN, brightness, flashlight, auto-rotate,etc.). The suspending point will be accessible from any app, app drawer or home screen. That's the whole point with this app.

One of its plus-points is theme switching. There are various themes to choose among. Themes don't change only the background color of the suspending menu. They completely change the appearance. Thus, if you install, for example, Windows Phone theme, the "drawer" displayed will reproduce Metro layout, quite faithfully.

If you like Android but you'd like to improve the way you access to your most used stuff, you should take a glance at this. Really useful.

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