Touhou Clock Girls -K.ver-



This app is a derivative work of "Touhou Project"

This clock app made with "Touhou" characters!

【Touhou Characters】
・Reimu Hakurei
・Marisa Kirisame
・Ran Yakumo
・Flandre Scarlet
・Sakuya Izayoi
・Reisen Udongein Inaba
・Suika Ibuki
・Momizi Inubashiri
・Alice Margatroid
・Remilia Scarlet
・Youmu Konpaku
・Komeiji Satori

Please use after reading the 【Terms of Use】.

【Terms of Use】
Supports "4x2" and "2x1" widget size.
Supports Android 4.0.0 and beyond.
Clock setting available by touching the pasted widget.
"4x2" widgets may not display properly in certain devices.
Display cycle settings available. Short display cycles may increase battery use.
Timer and Alarm functions also available.

Font Used: "Yasashisa Gothic Bold"

Illustrations and Icons: KURO☆HERO

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