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Instant unlock for Tower Raiders 2 includes:
* All levels!
* All difficulties!
* All trophies!
* All rewards!

This is the unique trainer for the great game Tower Raiders 2. With this app you can unlock with only several clicks:

* More than 24 levels with 4 difficulties each!
* Editing your level statstics!
* 24 rewards!
* 26 trophies!

This Trainer does also work with the FREE version of Tower Raiders 2. You can unlock
all rewards and trophies, BUT only the free levels! For being able to play all levels you
will have to buy the full game!

Stuck on a level? Wish to try out locked features? No problem! Simply install
this app and unlock everything you want within few seconds! You will be able to
choose the feature set and play Tower Raiders 2 your personal way. And remember:
you can modify everything and as many times as you wish!
Have fun!

Hint: This trainer has been tested on different devices, but unfortunately its not possible
to exclude all potential issues. If you are experiencing any problems or missing some
features feel free to write me an email and I will try to work it out.
Thank you and don't forget to rate this trainer!

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Usage Hints

1. Exit Tower Raiders 2 properly
2. Start the trainer and unlock needed features.
3. Save the changes to the sdcard.
4. Force stop and clear game data.
5. Run the game and enjoy!


1. Which game versions are currently supported?
For now this trainer supports Tower Raiders 2 v1.14+. This means
you can't use it with versions 1.13 and older. Please update
the game and try again.

2. Does this trainer work with Tower Raiders 2 FREE version?
Yes, You can unlock all rewards and trophies, BUT only the free levels and levels you paid for.
For being able to play all levels you will have to buy the full game!

3. Do I need root?
No, this trainer does not require additional root permissions!

4. Can I play levels I didn't buy?
No, this trainer can only unlock free levels, or levels you already paid for. For being able
to play all levels you will have to buy the full game!

5. The button "Clear data" is disabled on my phone!
This is a known bug in older Android versions (2.2 and older). In this case you
still can use the trainer, but you have to select "Uninstall" instead of "Clear data".
Your game progress will not be lost and you can reinstall the game later.

Hint: Please only use the settings dialog in this trainer to unistall the game or clear its data.
Do not leave this app by pressing "Home" button before the profile is written to the sdcard!

6. Can I modify the starting resources?
No, because they are hardcoded in the game's resources. But unlocking stronger towers will surely help you surviving!

7. Why do i get the message 'ERROR: load failed.'?
Sometimes the profile can get corrupted, if the Tower Raiders 2 game was
not exited properly and is still running in the background. In this case
please exit both the game and this trainer, delete your profile from the sdcard
manually and start the game once. A new profile will be created. Now you
can use the trainer as described above.

8. What is the difference between 'playable' and 'unlocked' levels?
Playable levels already can be played now on some available difficulty level. Unlocked levels
provide the access to all 4 difficulties.

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