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Client of popular torrent resource

WARNING! The application itself does not download content from P2P BitTorrent network, the purpose of the program is to download .torrent link from the site and send it to a local BitTorrent client for downloading content or for further sending to remote NAS/desktop.

Handy client for torrent-tracker, with full set of features for finding and downloading ".torrent" files.

The main features of Tracker Assistant:
perform search by keywords
choose sort method fro serach results: date, seed/leech/downloads, size, forum, title
see rating and movie posters right in search results

subscription for updates
often looking for new releases? make subscription for updates of forum or forums group
updates will be displayed in "Subscriptions" section

new releases counter
watching for updates? add widged to home screen and new releases counter will inform you about updates

view release
open release from search results, WEB-browser, RSS-reader
see description, detailed information, screenhots, feedback and file list of release
if this is release of movie - see rating and poster from IMDB

search for alternatives
found interesting movie, but want it in another quality? other movies of same director? movies with same name, but other year of release? Tap on movie poster and choose "Search for alternatives"

download ".torrent" file
download ".torrent" file and save it to SDCard or run installed in system exetrnal BitTorrent client with this file
(hint: use client to remote torrent downloader to send ".torent" to remote machine)

download policy
have slow mobile internet? often switch from the mobile Internet to Wi-Fi? Choose which items to download for viewing release, separately for 3G/Wi-Fi/WiMax: release poster, IMDB rating, IMDB poster, other pictures of release

IMDB rating for movies*
in movies lists (search results, subscriptions), in release itself - see IMDB rating and movie poster
rating failed to be detected automatically? tab on movie poster and choose "Search on IMDB site"

* Feature display rating IMDB:
Due to the fact that the service does not provide method to reliably determine the original title of the movie, as well as due to the fact that there is no possibility to automatically assign an IMDB ID to rutracker's publication, the client is able to determine the rating not for every movie.
With high probability rating can not be determined for these distributions:
- serials
- torrents with the misfiled header, or a lot of mistakes/typos
- collections and anthologies (several movies in single torrent)
Also rating is not determined for torrents lying outside the section "Film, Video and TV."

If you find a bug, please, do not rush to put a negative feedback - please contact us and we will solve the problem as soon as possible.
Also if you want to offer new features for the application - leave message on our discussion forum, or send e-mail

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