Trainer for Epic Defense 2




Stuck on a level? Wish to try out locked features? No problem! Simply install this app and unlock everything you want within few seconds! You will be able to choose the feature set and play the game your personal way. And remember: you can modify everything and as many times as you wish! Have fun!

Instant unlock for this great game includes:
* Unlimited gold!
* Own statistics!
* All levels!
* All tower upgrades!
* All shop items!
* All rewards!

Hint: This trainer has been tested on different devices, but unfortunately it’s not possible to exclude all potential issues. If you are experiencing any problems or missing some features feel free to write us an email and we will try to work it out.
Thank you and don't forget to rate this app!


1. Exit the game properly.
2. Start the trainer and unlock / modify needed features.
3. Save the changes to the sdcard.
4. Force stop the game, such that our changes will not be overwritten.
5. Wait until the button "Clear data" is enabled.
6. Clear game data.
7. Hit the "Back" button to return to the trainer.
8. Disconnect from the internet (if connected).
9. Start the game and enjoy!


* What the hell is the “Demo Mode”? Didn’t I just buy this trainer?
Well yes, sorry for that. This is the way we want to prevent people from using the trainer and immediately requesting their money back. You are able to unlock several features and change your stats, but the full version will be available after 15 Minutes waiting. Please use this time to test the main functionality.

* Do I need root?
No, this trainer does not require additional root permissions!

* The button 'Clear data' doesn’t exist / never gets enabled on my phone!
This is a known bug in older Android versions (2.1 and older). In this case you still can use the trainer, but you have to select 'Uninstall' instead of 'Clear data'. Your game progress will be saved on the sdcard and you can reinstall the game later.

Hint: Please only use the internal settings dialog in this trainer to unistall the game or clear its data. Do not leave this app by pressing 'Home' button before the profile is written to the sdcard!

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