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Too concentrate on your Android Phone while walking around? Wanna avoid those embarrassing moments like hitting on lamppost or being knocked down by someone.
It's possible!

Wanna taking photo anytime without starting the camera app?
It's possible!

With Transparent Phone, your phone will be semi-transparent. You can see the situation on the street while you are watching youtube / emailing/ playing angry bird. As the same time, if you spot anything interesting, just click your phone proximity sensor and the phone will grab the moment for you!

- Transparent Screen with camera preview whatever you did with your Android Phone!
- No Rooting is needed!
- Instant Taking Photo (640 x 480) by Clicking on Phone's proximity sensor!
- Secret Camera Feature, by Setting the Screen Opacity to 0!

- You phone MAY BE SLOW DOWN for heavy usage.
- Shutter sound MAY NOT BE able to be disabled for some Devices.
- This app MAY DRAIN your phone's battery. Use it wise! =)

Image take may be not in correct orientation.

English, 繁體中文, 日本語

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