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Transparent Screen Spy Camera's review


This app uses a feed from your camera to make it appear as if the screen is transparent.

  • Customizable
  • Odd way of making screen transparent

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"Make your phone transparent (sort of)"


The app is easy to use, and lets you adjust transparency. It also lets you adjust the resolution of the feed, and can be set to take photos automatically at intervals. It makes the phone transparent in an odd way however - every thing is made transparent, rather than just the background.


The app is reasonably customizable, letting you change the transparency and resolution. It can also be set to take photos at intervals, and by default there is a button to turn it off in the notification bar, but this can be disabled.


The app makes the screen 'transparent' by making everything transparent. Other similar apps typically make the background only transparent, like having a live wallpaper. This apps system means you can still faintly see your desktop background, and app icons are made somewhat transparent.

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by Oliver

Aug 27, 2015

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