Trip Note



■ Description of application
It is an app that you can leave notes and photos paint anywhere on the map.
Note It is also possible to be able to manage calendar, if you marked on the map and plan of travel, can also be used to schedule management of travel, send as e-mail attachments to capture notes further.
When you place a note left on the map and other events in the travel destination, you can look back through the notes that the memories of the trip later.

■ The main function
• Write notes to the map (Google Map)
Add a photo to memo-
Capture-mail attachment

■ How to use
◎ Add notes
Double-tap where you want to add a note on the map 1), we display the red marker.
Note Additional dialog is displayed when you tap 2) marker, please select Yes.
3) The painting is started.
I write 4) Note. How to write notes, please refer to .
I do save 5). Press the Menu key, please select [Save]. Save Settings dialog box is displayed.
Select date to which you want to add a note (required), and the save set can be accompanied by (optional) NOTE word is possible.
Note word is used as the text that is displayed when a note displayed in the list.
Notes are saved to the SD card by selecting the Save Settings Dialog Box 6) and click Save.
I go back to the map by pressing the 7) back key.

◎ Using the Paint
Paint has the following functions.
· Eraser / pen insertion / text
You can be switched by tapping the right edge of the icon that appears below.
• Change the type of pen
By tapping the second icon from the right, a transition is made to change the screen. Here, you can change the size of the blur and pen.
-Color selection
By tapping the icon in the middle, I will transition to the selection screen.
· Redo / Undo
By tapping the two icons on the left, you can cancel the operation.
Clear all
All cleared by selecting Clear from the menu key.

◎ How to display the note
From the icon that appears on the map 1), I select the Calendar icon.
On 2) Go, the number of notes that are registered in each date are displayed, tap the date are registered in the notes that you want to view.
notes are listed in the case of 3) Note is registered, the note is displayed by selecting the note you want to view.
A map 4) is selected date is displayed at the top, all on a map, notes that are registered in the date are displayed in blue marker.
If you want to see the other note, you can toggle the display by tapping the marker.
Note that you can view on the map there is only one.

Press and hold the marker 1) Note, the operation menu is displayed. To launch the camera app and select Add Photo] from the Action menu.
After the photo shoot 2),) (top will appear display thumbnail photo + notes on the map.

◎ photo manipulation
Viewer is launched at the tap of a thumbnail photo.
· Press and hold the thumbnail picture, or e-mail sent to the SNS and move between memos, and delete operations can be performed.

◎ Others
You can press and hold the blue marker is displayed on a map, you can do the following.
Start the navigation of Google Map, you can begin to navigate to that location.
Editing and
You can re-edit the memo. You can make changes and date, and editing of memo word.
· Delete
You will be able to delete a note.
You can capture and display the note, attached to an e-mail.
Also, note the subject word is automatically inserted.

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