Tvidia Secure



Tvidia Secure enables business to get the most out of their mobile workforce. A rich suite of features managed provides data and malware security, policy management with control and management of all mobile assets.

Tvidia Secure addresses a wide variety of mobile concerns, including the security state of the mobile device, the applications and data resident on the device, the identity and privileges of the device user, the location of the device, and the networks to which the device connects.

Tvidia’s mobile device management (MDM) solution allows you to monitor, secure, manage and support all your deployed mobile devices remotely. With our software you can control all data and configuration settings, gain real-time visibility into your entire mobility environment, and administer consistent policies across all devices.

Tvidia’s mobile device security management solution helps our customers make the most of their mobility assets and allows for the secure introduction and use of employee-owned devices (BYOD) to support company mobility initiatives that can increase productivity, improve operational response, and reduce cost

ALERT- TextnDrive Block and Geofencing features now included in Tvidia Secure.