Simple tool to log in to UCSB Wireless Web without entering your credentials every time.

>>> Congrats to UCSB NOC for implementing UCSB Secure! <<<

This quick-and-dirty app is not meant to compete with polished apps like Gaucho WiFi or UCSB WiFi Roaming .. I wrote it just for myself at first, with hardcoded credentials and minimal UI. My friend saw me use it and wanted it too, and did not trust his credentials to a dev he did not know, so I decided to add a quick login process and publish the app. The UI is not too impressive or intuitive but functionality is there.

PhoneGap was used as I am mainly a web dev, also because you can easily port the code to other mobile platforms. Contact me if interested.

* This app is neither endorsed nor sponsored by UCSB.

Tags: ucsb wifi , ucsb wireless web mobile

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