Ultimate Custom Live Wallpaper



(UCLW) - Ultimate Custom Live Wallpaper

UCLW is a customizable Live Wallpaper that can display your phone's battery status, the current time and date, weather, number of unread text messages or e-mails in your Gmail inbox, the currently playing music track, GSM signal strength and much more.

* Use images from the gallery as background
* Supports scrolling background
* Use a single color background or overlay on top of image
* Use two colored background for a fading effect.
* Add any number of items to your background and position them by dragging them on the screen
* Save your configuration and share with others or download a configuration from the website to use on your own phone
* 22 free fonts to choose from
* Format date and time anyway you want it
* Add shadow to text
* Display numbers as text
* Vertical text

To set UCLW as your background:
1. Long press on your desktop to change the background.
2. Choose Live Wallpaper in the menu
3. Choose UCLW in the next menu
4. Click the button "Settings" to customize your wallpaper
5. When you are happy with the look, press "Set Wallpaper"
6. Done!

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