As the name suggests, you can easily uninstall apps. You can also uninstall multiple apps using batch mode and track your uninstall history.

### System/Pre-loaded apps cannot be uninstalled ###

There are various options in navigation drawer, using which you can customize this app according to you:
Single/Batch Mode: Switch between single mode, where you can uninstall apps by single tap or batch mode to uninstall more than one app at the same time.
Uninstall History: Maintain history of all the apps you have uninstalled. So that you can easily re-install any app without having to search for it on Play Store. You can also clear entire uninstall history by tapping on "Clear History" button.
Search: Enable you to find the particular apps to uninstall.
Refresh: Refresh the list of apps.
Sort By: Sort apps list by name, size, date in both ascending or descending order.
Clear Cache: Get more internal storage space by clearing the cache created by all apps.
Settings: Some advanced options to customize the appearance and functionality of UninstallApps, which include option to show a persistent notification of UninstallApps, show or hide memory bar, choose when to display cache clear notification as well as whether to show total app size including occupied cache and SD card size.
Context Menu: It is available in both single and batch mode, enabling you to open the app, view it on the Play Store, view its details or share its link with your friends.

Its an ad-free version of https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inkwired.uninstallapps.

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