Unit Conversion Calculator



Unit Conversion Calculator is the easiest unit converter in the android market. It supports all the conversions in length, weight, area, volume and temperature.

Its key features as bellow:

1. It is a free and simple unit converter.

2. It is very accurate and powerful for that it can supports over 40 most common unit conversions.

3. Its operation is very simple. You just input the number and then touch the CALCULATE.

The detailed information of this calculator:

1. This is a free unit converter so that you can use it to make various unit conversions without taking any money.

2. Different countries’ have different unit. This converter supports more than forty different unit conversions in length, weight, area, volume and temperature.

3. The operation of this converter is very easy. For example, if you input I in the METER and then touch the CALCULATE button, all the others length unit will get results.

4. If you want to make the next conversion, you just touch the reset input to get a new start.

Download the easiest unit converter and it will not let you down.

Unit Conversion Calculator is a very simple unit converter which is developed to be fast, accurate, small, beautiful and yet easy to use. It supports over 40 most common unit conversions. Such a powerful and functional converter should not be missed.

Unit Conversion Calculator is used on your mobile phone so that you can use it at any time and any place as long as you take your mobile phone. Sometimes, you need convert some unit, but you don’t have a unit converter. Unit Conversion Calculator can help you solve this problem and you need not worry about this problem anymore.

If you are a student, you must need a unit converter in the math calculation. Most of the common calculator have no the function of unit conversion. Unit Conversion Calculator can become your mobile phone as a unit converter. Then you can use your mobile phone to convert the unit.

Perhaps what time you will use Unit Conversion Calculator, thus you had better install it on your mobile phone for unexpected need.

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