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    Unit Converter - conversion tool. This is a well designed, quick and easy to use unit conversion application. So far we have added 21 unit categories.

    Can be moved to SD Card.
    ‘Reverse Units’ button to easily switch the measurements.
    Instant calculation, so no convert button.
    Remembers last conversion for each category for easier use.
    Settings to choose the precision of the answer.
    Over 1500 units in 21 categories.
    Well designed interface.
    Smaller size, so doesn't fill up memory.

    This app comprises the following unit conversions...
    Acceleration Converter
    Angle Converter
    Area Converter
    Data Size Converter
    Density Converter
    Energy Converter
    Flow Rate Converter (Mass)
    Flow Rate Converter (Volume)
    Force Converter
    Frequency Converter
    Length Converter
    Power Converter
    Pressure Converter
    Speed Converter
    Temperature Converter
    Time Converter
    Torque Converter
    Typography Converter
    Volume Converter
    Weight Converter
    Weight to Volume Converter (for water)

    We will be enhancing this converter to include any units as well as any other features you want. Just let us know!

    Please add a review for this app, to let us know how we can continue to improve this unit converter.

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