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Is a tool to convert each of 24 types of units.
When you select a unit of value that you enter, you create a table to calculate all the other units. It also displays the conversion rate.
You can also specify the number of decimal places.

19 units in Length
18 units in Area
31 units in Volume
15 units in Mass
5 units in Angle
4 units in Temperature
7 units in Time
3 units in Frequency
5 units in Force
14 units in Pressure
6 units in Energy
6 units in Power rate
13 units in Speed
14 units in Acceleration
2 units in Dynamic viscosity
4 units in Kinematic viscosity
3 units in Magnetic flux density
2 units in Magnetic flux
7 units in Luminance
4 units in Illuminance
3 units in Radiation - source activity
2 units in Radiation - absorbed dose
2 units in Radiation - equivalent dose
2 units in Radiation - exposure

Because we want to support units around the world, We will wait for the name and unit conversion information.
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