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    Units Converter One could be the most valuable 16-kb-chunk of memory in your Android device as it converts Length, Area and Volume, in both US and Metric on an extremely efficient and compact one-page UI.
    Buttons named "Calc L", "Calc A" and "Calc V" perform each conversion.
    Say, the User saw on TV the story about the 80 sq. Ft. London apartment, and wanted to imagine how much real estate is that in Metric? User taps the white field for "Feet" to select it and types 80, then taps the "Calc A" button. The App would do the calculations and would populate all other white fields with their corresponding values, so the User would have the conversion to sq. meters, and more!
    Similarly, if the User wants to know how many cubic inches is the engine displacement of his 1804 cc (cubic centimeters) motorcycle, he enters the value of 1804 within the white field for "Centimeters" and taps the "Calc V" button to convert it to seven other cubic units simultaneously, cubic inches included!
    Or, the User wants to know how many centimeters are there in 94 inches of tape? She taps the white field for "Inches" to select it and types 94, and then taps the "Calc L" button. The program would do the rest!
    Thank you very much for using and enjoying Units Converter One! All feedback, reviews, ratings and suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you!
    Product features:
    • Handles Length/Distance, Area and Volume, both US and Metric.
    • Easily converts Inches, Feet, Yards, Miles, Millimeters, Centimeters, Meters and Kilometers in their linear, square and cubical representations.
    • Buttons conveniently placed on top to avoid being covered by soft keyboard on phones.
    • Ads-Free.
    • No permissions.

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