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Keep track of your coin collection with ease! US Coins is the highest rated app for coin collectors. It doesn't matter if you have a small collection or a large collection. This app is especially useful if you are a collector on the go! Don't worry about buying a coin you already have in your collection ever again. Now you always have a coin list in the palm of your hand! It even allows you to keep track of the graded coins in your collection.

US Coins can also be used to simply check the number of each coin minted or to identify a United States Coin. Mintage figures are shown for both circulated and uncirculated proof coins.

No internet connection required! That means no waiting for a list that never shows up if you have a crappy cell signal! It will never require an internet connection to load data or images. They are all built right in!

If you would like to make suggestions, feel free to email me at bjgapps I check the comments less frequently then email, so suggestions/bugs are best sent via email, not via review.

For a free trial you can download stand alone applications for coins that have ads built in. Just search the market for bjgapps.

I would like to give a special thanks to all my 5 star raters. It's people like you who make US Coins possible.

Almost all coin types are currently available in US Coins, but there are a few I am missing that will be added over time. Here is a list of what is currently available.

Half Cents

Lincoln Cents
Wheat Pennies
Indian Head Cents
Eagle Cents
Braided Hair Cents
Matron Head Cents
Classic Head Cents
Draped Bust Cents
Liberty Cap Cents
Flowing Hair Cents

Two Cents

Three Cents

Jefferson Nickels
Buffalo Nickels
Liberty Nickels
Shield Nickels

Half Dimes

Roosevelt Dimes
Mercury Dimes
Barber Dimes
Seated Liberty Dimes
Capped Bust Dimes
Draped Bust Dimes

Twenty Cents

America the Beautiful Quarters
State Quarters
Washington Quarters
Standing Liberty Quarters
Barber Quarters
Seated Liberty Quarters
Capped Bust Quarters
Draped Bust Quarters

Kennedy Half Dollars
Franklin Half Dollars
Walking Liberty Half Dollars
Barber Half Dollars
Seated Liberty Half Dollars
Capped Bust Half Dollars
Draped Bust Half Dollars
Flowing Hair Half Dollars

President Dollars
Sacagawea Dollars
Susan B. Anthony Dollars
Eisenhower Dollars
Peace Dollars
Morgan Dollars
Trade Dollars
Seated Liberty Dollars
Draped Bust Dollars
Flowing Hair Dollars

Silver Bullion
Uncirculated Sets
Proof Sets

Gold Dollars
Gold Quarter Eagles

New United States coins are added all the time. Keep track of your money now! Who knows what is sitting in that pocket change?

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