USB Cloud Disk



“USB Cloud Disk” can share the MP3 on your Smart device to your Audio device like boom box, stereo, car audio…
•*The USB Cloud Disk™ can bridge smart devices (smartphones/tablets) with audio devices (boom box, stereo, car audio, …)
•USB Cloud Disk™ is plugged into the USB port of any audio device
•The audio device shall recognize USB Cloud Disk™ as a mass-storage device, and it can playback any MP3 stored in the smart devices
•USB Cloud disk will create “My Music” share list automatically.
•User can create your own Share list for your favorite music.
•Just Share and forget.
•This APP is optimized particular for Android Phones who resolutions are 800*480 and 480*320. The user interface may be deformed due to different resolutions other than the optimized ones.
•this APP is specifically made to work with Modiotek's USB BT dungle solution. If you do not have this dongle, the APP would NOT work nor function fully.

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