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    Shows enumerated usb devices, and allows you to mount external mass storage devices to the filesystem. Supports advanced features like the ability to reload partition tables and reseting USB devices. It can also control the USB Host functionality of S5PC210 devices (Galaxy S, Nexus S, and Samsung Captivate) if they have been updated with the appropriate kernel patch.

    The application does not use the USB Host API, so it can also run on older, 2.3 devices. Because of that however almost all functionality (except for the listing of USB devices) requires root (superuser) access, and a recent version of busybox installed! Also note that on newer Android versions, some security enhancements may also hinder this application to run properly.

    The application needs a device that has USB Host (or USB OTG) functionality. Most modern high-end devices have this ability. Check the documentation and specification of your device (this functionality is usually called USB OTG or USB Host)

    If your device doesn't have native USB OTG functionality, there are kernel patches for some older devices to enable the functionality, most notably for:

    - S5PC210 (Hummingbird) based Samsung phones (Galaxy S, Captivate, Nexus S)
    - QSD8250 (Snapdragon) based HTC phones (G1, Nexus One, Desire, Incredible)

    You can find appropriate kernel drivers for these phones here:
    - Hummingbird / Samsung phones:
    - Snapdragon / HTC phones:

    Note that these drivers might require skills to install, and may damage your phone and void your warranty!

    More info about this application at:

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