USB Mount All



* Requires root and BusyBox

Try the TEST version before purchasing. If the TEST version lists your devices and shows you the disk types and sizes, then it's working perfectly. The TEST version will not let you mount anything for use. You can download the test version at:

Mount multiple drives and drive partions on your Honeycomb tablet. Makes all your data available.

Supports ext2, ext3, ext4, ntfs and fat32 filesystems. Can access primary and extended partitions. You can select which volumes you wish to mount, or mount all volumes with a single click.

Also allows you to mount the exernal Micro SDCard in the above mentioned formats.

STAR FEATURE: Allows you to mount the drives inside the internal sdcard directory. Allowing access to the external sdcard and usb drives to apps that normally can't access them!

Tested on Acer and Xoom. Please test your device using the TEST version mentioned above. If you don't see disk types and sizes with the test version, then this version will not work either.

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