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USB OTG File Manager (USBFM) will automatically** open to the path of your USB storage upon mount. There is no need to open a file manager and search for the path. All the functions you would expect from a file manager are included and are ready to use including SU (root) and (busybox) enabled commands. You may also use USBFM as a standard file manager without a USB device connected.

In order to use the USB functionality you will need the following:

•USB host mode enabled.
**(USB must mount this WILL NOT mount it for you)
•OTG USB Data cable.
•USB storage device "flash-drive"
Please visit website for help and troubleshooting!!
Rants in the comments don't help anyone.

Known issues:

There is a bug with Android 4.3 on some devices
Please read the following links for more info.

Video showing fix:

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