USB OTG Helper [root]

USB OTG Helper [root]

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▌ IMPORTANT - Please read the entire description before giving feedback.
It is not supposed to work on every device. If it does not work, please report (with log) here ->

☆ See list of confirmed working devices:

What is rooting? Read here ->

▌ "USB On-The-Go, often abbreviated USB OTG, is a specification that allows USB devices such as digital audio players or mobile phones to act as a host, allowing other USB devices like a USB flash drive, mouse, or keyboard to be attached to them." - Wikipedia

▌Features [ Open Menu -> Settings to enable or disable. ]:
• Automatically start app on device connect [ See FAQ below ]
• Automatic mount [ Donate version ] [ See FAQ ]
• Mount and Unmount drive with a single click
• Full NTFS support! (FAT, Ext2/3/4 also if kernel supports)
• exFAT support! [ See FAQ to enable ]
• Notification when drives mounted!
• Load modules required automatically (from /system/lib/modules)
• Option to enable utf-8 mode (if kernel support)
• Automatically open the mounted drive [ Donate version ] [ See FAQ ]
• Media scanner triggered on mount [Active media scan in Donate version]
• One click debugging [ Donate version ] [ See FAQ below ]
• No Ads!

▌What phones are supported?
☆ Confirmed:

Any phone in which kernel supports USB Mass storage (stock OR custom kernels OR with appropriate kernel modules)
If it works on your device, or you know of kernels or modules please give the details here ->

☆ List of modules and kernels can be found here ->

Please note that this app is an "Helper" app.. it will not magically make your kernel support USB Mass storage!

▌What are the requirements?
• root (su binary)
• supporting kernel / kernel modules
• USB OTG cable ( or direct card reader, see this kickstarter project and support them -> )

☆ I will not be held responsible for any damage to your device. Do not use for a long time, u may risk burning the device chip/motherboard due to the voltage supply in host mode.

See ->

If still not working, send me debugging data (one-click for donate version)
If still something does not work, mail me. I cannot reply to feedback!

email : shardulseth {at} aol .com
website :
xda     :

▌Translation credits
[ Translate to your language -> ]
Greek - Nianios Romanos
Russian - Igor Nedoboy
Ukranian - Alexandr Tobolin (Toz1k)
Hungarian (Magyar) - Varga Zsigmond (Sigismund)
Italian - walpis
German - Patrick Oberdorf

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Recently changed in this version

+ Updated ntfs-3g to latest version (v 2014.2.15)
= Bugfixes for crashes on Kitkat (but still wont work on selinux enforcing)

+ exFAT filesystem support (see FAQ to enable)
= Improved layout with ActionBar for API 11+
= Many reliability improvements + bugfixes

+ Updated ntfs-3g to latest version ( v 2013.1.13 )
= Improved + fixed utf-8 mount.

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Comments and ratings for USB OTG Helper [root]
  • (62 stars)

    by Aquib Khan on 24/03/2014

    Xpad by simmtronics

  • (62 stars)

    by Sergey Vovk on 24/03/2014

    utf8 support declared but does not work because wrong mount options in case vfat. LOL

  • (62 stars)

    by WR Hughes on 21/03/2014

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.8 . Worked ok, for a NTFS drive with a single partition, but I plugged in a Fat32 drive with multiple partitions and it freaked, crashed and clobbered my system partition so that OTG no longer worked at all. I had to do an emergency

  • (62 stars)

    by Eljun Pacomios on 21/03/2014

  • (62 stars)

    by Jade Vallejo on 15/03/2014

    Nexus 7 2013 does not support USB OTG. This dres its job, well after I've rooted of course. Now I can watch my movies from my flash drive.

  • (62 stars)

    by Michalis Hadjispyrou on 15/03/2014

  • (62 stars)

    by Sanved Tapkeer on 14/03/2014

    Doesnt work on Galaxy Ace Plus but runs on other known devices.