UTooL King of the Hill Plugin



MUST HAVE UTOOL CORE DOWNLOADED TO WORK - once this plugin is installed, UTooL Core can be run and used to create King of the Hill tournaments.

UTooL is a series of free tournament management apps with an emphasis on ease of use and quick set up, ideal for casual users who want to host small to medium sized tournaments with minimal overhead. Whether you are playing chess, basketball, tennis, Magic: the Gathering, or any other competitive game, UTooL can help you quickly and accurately organize your tournament!

Provide your name and the tournament type and you are already ready to start your tournament. From there, wait for players to connect or add them yourself. Keeping track of scores and standings is made simple, and anyone with an Android device within range can connect to your tournament and follow along.


Remember to download UTooL Core which handles essential player and connection organization. You can also check out our other plugins, such as UTooL Single Elimination, UTooL Swiss, and UTooL Round Robin, all of which are free and also available through the Play Store.


Do you want to organize tournaments of a type that is not currently supported, or want to further customize a plugin? UTooL is an open source project - try making your own plugin! Check us out at http://code.google.com/p/utool-tournament-management/

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