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    VALUE CONVERTER PRO - A unique bundle of unit converters and useful conversion/ calculation utilities for day to day use. (Unit converter and a Calculator)

    Value converter PRO is an extension to the earlier version - Value converter BASIC of iTech Galaxy.
    The BASIC version was a unit converter that included only basic and simple unit conversions.

    The PRO version includes more useful and advanced tools that prove helpful in our day to day usage.
    Keeping the user experience and user friendliness in focus, Value converter PRO is a unit converter that gives advanced options to the user to make it a valuable unit converter and a calculation tool for frequent use.

    Highlights of the functionalities included in the PRO version -

    BASIC: Includes all the unit conversions that were part of the BASIC version

    HEALTH: This includes an IBW calculator and a BMI calculator
    Check your Ideal Body Weight and Body Mass Index in check with the IBW/ BMI calculator

    FINANCE: This includes EMI calculator and Sales markup/ markdown calculator
    Calculate your EMI, SALES markup/ markdown prices

    EDUCONVERT: This is a Student friendly mathematical calculator
    Useful calculations include - Area, Perimeter, Volume and Surface Area calculations for mathematical figures such as triangle, rectangle, ellipse, cube, sphere, ellipsoid and many more.

    COOKING: This includes a dry weight converter (Dry Cook/ Dry Cooking) and wet weight converter (Wet cook/ Wet cooking)
    Has some very handy cooking conversions for both Dry weight - teaspoon, tablespoon, cups, kg, etc. as well as wet weight - ounces, cups, pint, gallon, quarts, peck, etc.

    GOLD: Useful to convert Gold weight, supports units such as carats, centigrams, milligram, grams, kg.

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